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Enerhodar, 20 March. Protest against the abduction of the deputy mayor, Ivan Samoidiuk


We aim, through work in the labour movement and civil society organisations, to strengthen solidarity with Ukrainian people resisting Russian military aggression, firstly by disseminating information about the war.

Conscious of the “propaganda war” waged on all sides, we aim to make accessible reporting and analysis by voices independent of the state. We do so in the context of heightened interest in the politics of central and eastern Europe and the pivotal role the region is expected to play globally.

We focus in the first place on the situation in the areas occupied by the Russian army, because (1) the situation there throws light on Russia’s imperialist war aims and methods of rule, and (2) there are limited sources of reliable information from those areas.

London, September 2022

About the group

We are producing a weekly Bulletin, comprising links to useful information in English about the situation in Ukraine, including in the areas occupied by Russia. The Bulletin is stored on line here. If you want to receive it by email, send a message to 2022ukrainesolidarity[at]

You can also follow us on twitter, or mastodon.

We started in March, with a campaign by Mayors and elected local government representatives, to support those being intimidated with kidnappings and other violence in the areas of Ukraine occupied by the Russian army. Two appeals were organised: one in the UK, and one in Switzerland.

In July 2022 we held two on-line discussions with Ukrainian civil society activists, attended by supporters from numerous European countries, on the temporarily Russian-occupied areas. Links to recordings of these events are here.

We are a small group of activists. We work with others including the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign in the UK, the European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine, and the Solidarity Collectives. We welcome cooperation with others, too.

All enquiries please to 2022ukrainesolidarity[at]

John Palmer, Mike Phipps, Simon Pirani. London, 15 September 2022

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