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Links to information on the areas of Ukraine occupied by the Russian army

Kherson: Russian soldiers attacking a “troops go home” demonstrator

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Below are links to information about the situation in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine. They are limited to open access resources in English, from sources that we consider reliable, dated from March to August 2022.

To start with, readers may wish to look at the section on “Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea, 2014-2022″. The links there point to sources that will help you to form an overview of Russia’s rule in the areas it occupied in 2014.

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Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea, 2014-2022

The Russian statelets in the Donbass are no “people’s republics”, by Simon Pirani. Jacobin (2022)

Eight years of war before the war, by Natalia Savelyeva – Rosa Luxemburg foundation (2022)

The human rights situation in Crimea: analytical report (2021)

Crimea in the context of occupation. Q&A guide (2020)

Causes and consequences of the war in eastern Ukraine: an economic geography perspective, by Vlad Mykhnenko in Europe-Asia Studies (2020)

Luhansk mineworkers’ strike action. People & Nature (2020)

Ukraine: women organise in the war zone. People & Nature (2018)

Eastern Ukraine: “we need new ways of organising”. Open Democracy (2017)

Ukraine’s hidden tragedy. Research project on internal displacement of people from Donbass (2016-18)

Slave labour in the eastern Ukraine “republics”. BBC, 2016

Surviving Hell: testimonies of victims of places of illegal detention in Donbas – “Justice for Peace in Donbas”, 2015


The case of Stanislav Aseyev

The Torture Camp on Paradise Street, with Stanislav Aseyev – Arte TV, 2021

A review of In Isolation by Stanislav Aseyev – Foreign Policy, 11 May 2022

An account of imprisonment in Donetsk, by Stanislav Aseyev, Los Angeles Review of Books (2021)



OSCE report on violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, war crimes and crimes against humanity 24 Feb-12 April. For information on occupied territories see Section E.5, pages 18-25

OSCE report on violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, war crimes and crimes against humanity 1 Apr-25 June.

Campaign and research organisations

The 5.0am coalition

Tribunal for Putin

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

Zmina (a human rights group based in Lviv)

Eastern Human Rights Group (Russian/Ukrainian only)

Opora civil network

European network for solidarity with Ukraine

Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine

Ukrainian Institute (London)

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (UK)

Solidarity Collectives

Cities4Cities (matching platform for Ukrainian and other European cities)


Chronology of news, March to August 2022

News from Ukraine Bulletin 8, 7 August

Helping Ukrainians who wound up in Russia is another accessible form of antiwar activism – 6 August, Feminist Anti-War Resistance (Russia)

Occupiers mine infrastructure in Kherson – intelligence – 6 August, Ukrainska Pravda  

Russia planning to disconnect Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant from Ukraine’s power grid, cutting off power in southern Ukraine – 6 August, Ukrainska Pravda  

Occupiers in Mariupol assemble cages in concert hall for show trial of Ukrainian defenders – City Council – 6 August, Ukrainska Pravda

‘Russification’ erodes Ukraine’s sovereignty in occupied Kherson – 5 August, Financial Times

Retired Ukrainian naval commander abducted, tortured and taken to Russian-occupied Crimea ‘for trial’ – 5 August, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

Occupiers forcibly conscript men from occupied cities, even miners are taken away – Luhansk Oblast Military Administration – 4 August, Ukrainska Pravda

Growing number of cultural sites destroyed by Russians: seven identified in a week – 3 August, Ukrainska Pravda

Russians loot the deposit boxes of Mariupol residents in the city’s branch of First Ukrainian International Bank (PUMB) – 3 August, Ukrainska Pravda

“When there’s a problem, people come to us.” Interview with Pavel Lisyansky (Eastern Human Rights Group) – Posle (Russian socialist site), 3 August

Russian FSB threaten and beat imprisoned Crimean journalist and human rights defender Iryna Danilovych – 1 August, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

Catastrophic situation in hundreds of villages in Kherson Oblast, some completely destroyed – Kherson Oblast State Administration – 31 July, Ukrainska Pravda

News from Ukraine Bulletin 7

Russian tweet demanding ‘humiliating death’ raises suspicions over torture and killing of 53 Ukrainian POWs at Olenivka – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 1 August

Ukrainian civic journalist imprisoned for reporting Russian falsification of covid deaths in occupied Crimea – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 1 August

Invaders threaten to take children away if parents don’t send them to be indoctrinated ‘to love Russia’ – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 29 July  

Russians struck Olenivka to cover up the torture and execution of prisoners – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Ukrainska Pravda, 29 July   

How and why Russia concocts evidence against Ukraine in the captured territories – Opora, 26 July

Fear and hardship in the Donbas After years of frozen conflict, Donetsk residents describe life under constant shelling – Meduza, 18 July

News from Ukraine Bulletin 6

Russian invaders strip Ukrainians of their property rights in occupied Mariupol – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 22 July  

Kherson teachers and students boycott “Russian schools” – mayor. Ukrainska Pravda, 22 July

Ukraine: Torture, Disappearances in Occupied South – Human Rights Watch, 22 July

5,100 children have been deported from Ukraine to the Russian Federation: less than 50 have been returned – Ukrainska Pravda, 22 July

The longer the occupation continues, the more torture, degrading treatment, and pain Ukrainian citizens will suffer – Olga Aivazovska, Opora, 21 July

60-year-old Kherson village head tortured ‘for pleasure’ by Russian invaders – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 22 July

More than 10 thousand people are being held in filtration centres in Mariupol – mayor. Ukrainska Pravda, 19 July

Russian Federation “hands over” 108 orphaned Ukrainian children from Donbas to Russian families – Ukrainska Pravda, 19 July   

White House warns Russia plans to annex parts of southern Ukraine – Financial Times, 19 July   

Russia threatens deportation from Kherson & Zaporizhzhia oblasts for pro-Ukraine views and for ‘discrediting’ the invaders – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 18 July

Undisguised occupation: Russian authority in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia – Russia Post, 5 July  

News from Ukraine Bulletin 5, 17 July

Abducted 16-year-old was forced to clean up after Russian invaders’ torture of Ukrainian POWs and hostages – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 15 July

The Occupied: How Journalists in the Captured Territories Take Russia’s Blow – Opora, 13 July

The Russian Federation has stolen $600 million worth of grain and vegetable oil from Ukraine – Ukrainska Pravda, 13 July

More than a thousand Ukrainian children have suffered from Russian aggression, 349 children killed – Ukrainska Pravda, 13 July

Ukrainian prisoners of war reveal torture and humiliation in Russian jails – Open Democracy, 13 July

Well-known Ukrainian journalist and rights defender taken prisoner by Russian invaders – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 12 July  

The ‘Russian world’ is militarising children – People & Nature, 12 July

Large protest in Russian-devastated Mariupol after pensioners die trying to find drinking water – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 11 July

News from Ukraine Bulletin 4, 10 July

Russians increase scale of bribery to collect personal data on people under occupation – Ukrainska Pravda, 9 July

Under Russian occupation, collaborators are removed from power and Russians appointed to their “posts” – “Sprotyv” – Ukrainska Pravda, 8 July

Russia begins propaganda of war against Ukraine at pre-school level – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 8 July

Covert mobilization as Ukrainian conscripts from occupied Crimea sent to die in Russia’s war against Ukraine – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 7 July

Russia instals FSB man, other Russians to ‘govern’ occupied Kherson where the population hates them – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 6 July

Russians take medicine and equipment from hospitals in the occupied territories – Ukrainska Pravda, 6 July

Ukraine has recovered 44 children who were illegally taken to the Russian Federation and the occupied territories – Ukrainska Pravda, 5 July

Occupied: 15% of regional broadcasters stopped working due to the occupation of territories by Russia – Opora, 5 July  

Russia moves to eradicate Ukraine from schools in occupied Mariupol, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 4 July

The occupied: local government under pressure from the aggressor – ZN.Ua, 4 July

Russia moves to eradicate Ukraine from schools – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 4 July

The occupiers tortured the diver of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant to death – the mayor of Enerhodar – Ukrainska Pravda, 3 July  

Eight representatives of Ukrainian local authorities are in Russian captivity – Ukrainska Pravda, 2 July   

Inside the occupied towns and cities – Business Insider, 2 July

News from Ukraine Bulletin 3, 2 July

More than 10,000 Mariupol residents are being held in prisons in the temporarily occupied region of Donetsk – mayor – Ukrainska Pravda, 2 July

Russia steps up abductions for torture and ransom in occupied Zaporizhzhia oblast – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 1 July

Mayor of Kherson abducted after refusing to collaborate with Russian invaders – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 29 June

Ukrainians face forcible deportation and conscription by Russian forces – People & Nature, 27 June

In Kherson region, the invaders abducted a deputy of the Regional Council and the head of an educational institution – Ukrainska Pravda, 27 June

Over 60 cultural institutions destroyed by Russians in Luhansk region, almost 600 under occupation – Ukrainska Pravda, 27 June

Russian invaders torture abducted Kherson patriot into ‘confessing’ to surreal ‘abduction plot’ – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 27 June

Russians in Enerhodar are abducting people for money: the going rate is 50,000 hryvnias – mayor – Ukrainska Pravda, 26 June

Mariupol: collaborators told to reopen churches and pray for Russian soldiers – Ukrainska Pravda, 24 June

News from Ukraine Bulletin 2, 21 June

Russia ‘demilitarizes’ Ukraine by killing at least 45 children and bombing over 200 schools in Kharkiv region alone – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 20 June

In Melitopol, 90% of educators refused to cooperate with the Russian occupiers – Mayor of Melitopol – Ukrainska Pravda, 20 June

People in Mariupol are on the verge of death due to lack of drinking water – mayor of Mariupol – Ukrainska Pravda, 20 June

THE OCCUPIED: How to Survive Under the Press of the Aggressor who Occupied your City? – Opora, 17 June

Tortured to death by Russia’s FSB for helping to defend Ukraine from the invaders – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 17 June

Face to face with killers: how a Ukrainian village survived occupation – Kateryna Semchuk, Open Democracy, 16 June

Russian invaders demand Ukrainians have ‘filtration’ stamps and permits to live in their own cities – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 15 June

Russian army has committed 10,000 war crimes in Ukraine, investigator says – Open Democracy, 15 June

Occupied: the worst thing that can happen in the newly occupied territories is not a pseudo-referendum but what is happening there now – Opora, 14 June

“Denazification” of libraries: Russians export books from Mariupol – Adviser to the Mayor of Mariupol – Ukrainska Pravda, 14 June

The occupiers cannot recruit “people’s militia” from the locals, they are recruiting minors – National Resistance Centre – Ukrainska Pravda, 14 June

Ukraine: ‘we are surviving, but not living’ under Russian occupation – People & Nature, 13 June

Russia declares peaceful Crimean Tatar organization ‘terrorist’ to escalate repression in occupied parts of Ukraine – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 13 June

How the Russian Federation tries to appropriate and legalize territories, assets, and lives – Opora, 10 June

Russia has been preparing the residents of the Crimea for a full-scale war against Ukraine for years – research – Zmina, 6 June

News from Ukraine Bulletin 1, 10 June

Mariupol in danger of cholera outbreak, but Russian invaders concentrate on removing signs in Ukrainian – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

Teachers in occupied Kherson refuse to collaborate with Russian occupiers – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 6 June  

Ukrainian POWs endure horrific torture by Russian captors – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

10,000 people in Mariupol could die of infectious diseases by the end of the year – Mariupol mayor – Ukrainska Pravda, 10 June

50 to 100 bodies under rubble of each residential building destroyed in Mariupol – City Council, Ukrainska Pravda, 10 June

Russians destroy almost 40 residential buildings in Luhansk Oblast in one day –  Ukrainska Pravda, June 10th  

Mayor of Melitopol confirms reports of Russians stealing grain by train – Ukrainska Pravda, June 8th 

Surviving 100 days of Russian occupation in Kherson – 9 June – Open Democracy

Occupiers are holding 600 people in torture chambers in the Kherson region: torture and inhumane conditions – June 7th  

Thousands of Mariupol residents queue for food from occupiers, many faint – adviser to the mayor – June 6th 

How Russia is destroying Ukrainian childhood: researchers speak about war crimes against children – Zmina


Updates on recently occupied areas, June 2022

Imposition of Russian language teaching in Mariupol schools – Hromadske, 4 June

The Occupied: eagle-labelled passports instead of the future – Opora civil network, 1 June

Stories of torture emerging from Kherson. BBC, 1 June


Updates on recently occupied areas, May 2022

The Occupied: from split-up to dancing on the ruins. Opora civil network, 26 May

In Kharkiv, by Jen Stout – London Review of Books, 27 May

Putin’s new citizenship decree. KHRPG, 26 May

Occupied: internal displacement is very different from 2014. Opora civil network, 24 May

An eyewitness account from Volnovakha. Ukrainska Pravda, 24 May

Russia extends terror and abductions. KHRPG, 24 May

Russian FSB threaten to kill Ukrainian civic journalist. KHRPG 16 May

Russia deports Ukrainians to occupied Donbas and forces them to fight. KHRPG, 16 May

Will Kherson be annexed by Russia? BBC, 11 May

Horrific conditions and torture in filtration camp in Mariupol. KHRPG, 11 May

“Purges” of the population and new quasi-legal reality: what Russia is preparing for the occupied territories. Opora civil network, 7 May

Russia uses terror and abductions to force schools to collaborate. KHRPG, 5 May


Updates on Crimea, May 2022

Statement on the enforced disappearance of Irina Danilovych – human rights organisations, 7 May

Russia imprisons three lawyers. KHRPG, 30 May

Human rights defenders condemn detention of lawyers. Zmina, 27 May

Ukrainian seized and sentenced in Crimea for social media comments. KHRPG, 26 May

Ukrainian POWs and abducted civilian hostages illegally imprisoned. KHRPG, 20 May

Artist disappears after arrest. KHRPG, 18 May

Monstrous sentences in Russia’s war against Crimean Tatar activists. KHRPG, 13 May

Russia intensifies persecution of Crimean Tatars. KHRPG, 4 May

Notes by imprisoned politician Nariman Jalal. Ukrainska Pravda, 27 February


Updates, March-April 2022

Roubles and repression: how life in Russian-occupied Kherson is changing – Kateryna Semchuk on Open Democracy, 29 April

Russian invaders create “real concentration camp” to torture Ukrainian prisoners – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 28 April

Russia is forcibly “mobilising” Ukrainians from occupied territory – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 26 April

Russians abduct Prymorsk civil activist – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 24 April

Fake ‘referendums’ at gunpoint – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 20 April

Russian invaders abduct 16-year-old son of Zaporizhzhia regional head – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 19 April

Zmina offers support to activists and journalists – Zmina, 18 April

62-year-old Chernihiv village head abducted – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 14 April

Russian invaders torture local leader in Chernihiv – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 8 April

Zmina called for the release of Ukrainian civilian hostages – Zmina, 30 March

Russian invaders intensify abductions and terror – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 27 March

Russian soldiers release town’s mayor – Guardian, 26 March

Details on Kherson and Zaporizhiya – Mattia Nelles, 25 March

Russian army unleashes terror in occupied cities – People & Nature, 24 March

Terror and abductions as Russia tries to break Ukrainian resistance – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 14 March

Ukrainian towns are facing a tough choice –  Serhiy Kudelia on Open Democracy, 7 March


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