Defend democracy

Enerhodar, 20 March. Protest against the abduction of the deputy mayor, Ivan Samoidiuk

An appeal by elected representatives in the UK

We, elected mayors and other local government representatives, condemn the reign of terror in areas of Ukraine occupied by the Russian army. We demand an end to the use of kidnapping, arbitrary imprisonment and other violence against mayors, local government representatives, journalists, civic activists and other civilians.

We condemn attempts by the Russian army and security services to destroy elected local government structures and replace them with their own appointees. We declare  our solidarity with those who resist such blows against democracy, freedom of representation and freedom of speech.

We call on the United Nations, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and other international bodies urgently to protest to the Russian government.  

To the best of our ability, we will take the following actions, and we appeal to mayors and local government representatives here in the UK, and in other countries, to join us:

1. To record all cases of human rights abuses against mayors and local government representatives in areas of Ukraine occupied by Russian forces.

2. To offer material and legal support to mayors and local government representatives whose human rights are abused.

3. To campaign internationally in support of Ukrainian mayors and local government representatives whose human rights are abused, and publicise each and every breach of human rights and attack on democracy.

Mick Antoniw, Member of the Welsh parliament for Pontypridd, Welsh Labour
Siân Berry, London Assembly member, Greens
Ralph Berry, Councillor for Wibsey Ward, Bradford MDC, Labour Co op
Jo Bird, Councillor for Bromborough, Wirral, Greens
Dawn Bowden, Member of the Welsh parliament for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney, Welsh Labour
Adrian Brown, Councillor for Bandley Hill, Stevenage
Joanne Calvert, Councillor for Old Swan, Liverpool
Alison Clarke, Councillor for Knotty Ash, Liverpool, Labour
Emily Clarke, Councillor for Lewes Castle Ward, Lewes Town Council, Labour
Pat Cleary, Councillor, Birkenhead and Tranmere, Leader of the Greens on Wirral Council
Karen Constantine, Deputy leader Kent County Council, Labour
Robert Cooke, Baird Ward, Hastings, Conservative
Alun Davies, Member of the Welsh parliament for Blaenau Gwent
Jan Davis, Councillor for Brundall, Broadland, Norfolk, Green Party
Maureen Delahunty-Kehoe, Councillor for County, Liverpool, Labour
Paul English, Councillor, Arun District Council (Felpham East)
Lucy Galvin, Norwich City Council, Green group leader
Osh Gantly, Councillor for Highbury East, London Borough of Islington, Labour
Alan Gibbons, Councillor for Warbreck, Liverpool, Labour
Emily Gleaves, Councillor for Birkenhead and Tranmere
Harry Gorman, Councillor for Prenton ward, Wirral Council, Greens
Sam Gorst, Councillor for Cressington, Liverpool, independent

Mike Hedges, Member of the Welsh parliament for Swansea East
Alfie Hincks, Councillor for Everton, Liverpool, Labour
Richard Kemp CBE, Leader, Liverpool Liberal Democrats
Patrick Kitterick, Councillor for Castle Ward, Leicester City Council
Barry Kushner, Councillor for Norris Green, Liverpool, Labour
Sue Lukes, Councillor for Highbury East, London Borough of Islington, Labour
Barbara Mace, Councillor for Woolton and Gateacre, Liverpool, Liberal Democrat
Graham Mayhew, Councillor (Priory Ward), Lewes Town Council, Independent
Pat Moloney, Councillor for Childwall ward, Liverpool, Liberal Democrat
Andrew Morgan, Leader, Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council
Julie Morgan, Member of the Welsh parliament for Cardiff North
Sarah Murphy, Welsh Labour Member of the Senedd for Bridgend
Paul Neale, Norfolk County Councillor, Greens
Rhianon Passmore, Member of the Welsh parliament for Islwyn
Simon Pearson, Councillor for Swiss Cottage, London Borough of Camden
Zack Polanski, London Assembly member, Greens
Steve Powderhill, Councillor (presiding member), Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council
Dave Poyser, Councillor for Hillrise, London Borough of Islington, Labour
David Rees, Member of the Welsh parliament for Aberavon, Welsh Labour
Sioned-Mair Richards, Lord Mayor of Sheffield (Labour Member for Manor & Castle Ward)

Anna Rothery, Councillor for Princes Park, Liverpool, independent
Caroline Russell, London Assembly member, Greens
Lena Simic, Councillor for Anfield, Liverpool, Labour
Ken Skates, Member of the Welsh parliament for Clwyd South
David Stanley, Councillor for Kidbrooke Hornfair, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Labour
Ed Stubbs Councillor for Splott and Tremorfa, Cardiff Council, Labour
Jason Walsh, Councillor for Bebington, Brighton, Green party
Joe Wheatley, Bingley Ward Councillor, Bradford (Labour)

Lorcan Whitehead, Councillor (New Town & Christ Church Ward), Colchester Borough Council, Labour
Liz Withington, Councillor, North Norfolk district Council and Sheringham Town Council

June 2022

To add your name to this letter, please email 2022ukrainesolidarity[at]

A similar appeal has been signed by members of parliament, mayors and other elected officials in Switzerland. See here

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