Bulletin 9: 19 August 2022

A Digest of News from Ukrainian Sources

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Russian occupation authorities bring young people to Kherson to paint over Ukrainian symbols – Military Administration   (Ukrainska Pravda, August 19th)

Jail or steep fines in Russian-occupied Crimea for playing a Ukrainian anti-war song or for saying ‘Glory to Ukraine’  (KHPG, August 18th)

Russian occupiers in Luhansk Oblast offer food for information on men’s whereabouts, detain fathers outside kindergartens  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 18th)

Invaders again abducts head of hromada in Kherson Oblast – deputy chairman of Regional Council  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 17th)

Russia razes Ukrainian city to the ground and says ‘there’s no point’ to rebuilding it  (KHPG, August 15th)

Over 100,000 Mariupol residents trapped in dire conditions under Russian occupation  (August 12th, Kyiv Independent)

Pseudo-Referendums in the Invaded Territories: what Russia plans to do and how to disable them – Opora, 10 August

Why does russia abduct children and how does Ukraine combat it – Opora, 10 August

News from Ukraine – general:

Russia kills and maims children in Kharkiv and claims it ‘destroyed mercenaries’  (KHPG, August 19th)

Morning in Kharkiv: 5 Russian missiles strike local university and houses, killing 1 woman – Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 19th)

Blast effects: James Meek reports from Mykolaiv (London Review of Books, August 18)

162 churches and 44 libraries: how many cultural sites were destroyed by Russians during war  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 13th)

“Throw them all, bitch, under the bus!”: SSU releases evidence of a criminal order to shoot civilians  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 10th)

Key problems of protection of rights of war-affected people – solution from human rights defenders  (August 10th)

Russia destroys over 9,000 civilian targets in Mykolaiv Oblast  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 9th)

News from Ukraine – schools and education:

Russian missiles hit educational institutions in Kramatorsk and Mykolaiv  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 19th)

Blasts rock Mykolaiv as two Russian S-300 missiles strike local university – Mykolaiv Mayor  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 19th)

War deprives over 3,000 Ukrainian children of parental care (Ukrainska Pravda, August 12th)

Russians do not allow children from occupied territories to take National Multi-Subject Test – Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 8th)


“I wanted Ukrainian activists involved in the war to have the opportunity to respond to the questions and criticisms that are often made by the left in Europe.”  (ESSF, August 9th)

Lenin, Ukraine, and the Amnesia of the “Anti-war Left”  (New Politics, Summer 2022)

Ukraine could abandon key labour principle as part of EU drive  (Open Democracy, August 9th)

The EU’s plan for Ukraine hydrogen exports is colonialist greenwash  (Open Democracy, August 9th)

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