News from Ukraine Bulletin 10 (28 August 2022)

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

‘Tavriya TV will promote happiness and love’: Russia opens station in occupied Kherson  (The Guardian, August 27th)

Spent a few days imbibing the upside-down world of Russia’s TV and newspaper propaganda efforts in occupied Kherson region… (Twitter thread from Shaun Walker, August 27th)

Russians torture staff of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant before IAEA delegation arrival – Energoatom  (August 27th, Ukrainska Pravda)

Abducted Kherson woman likely imprisoned and tortured by Russian FSB (August 26th, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group)

All 200,000 tonnes of grain from Luhansk region taken to Russia – Haidai (August 25th, Ukrainska Pravda)

Ukrainian POWs threatened with execution if they won’t blame Ukraine for Russia’s bombing of Mariupol (August 23rd, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group)

Russia seeks 15-17 year sentences against Crimean Tatar civic journalists who reported repression in occupied Crimea  (August 23rd, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group)

Russia sends forcibly mobilized Ukrainians from occupied Donbas to die as ‘live bait’ at the frontline  (August 22nd, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group)

We have orders to live here!’ Luhansk faces Russia’s ‘soft’ occupation  (Open Democracy, August 17th)

News from Ukraine – general:

10,000 civilian facilities destroyed by Russian military in Mykolaiv Oblast  (August 27th, Ukrainska Pravda)

Russia has killed hundreds of civilians in Ukraine with banned cluster munitions (August 26th, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group)

377 Ukrainian children have now been killed due to Russia’s invasion  (August 26th, Ukrainska Pravda)

Russian aggression has caused almost UAH 400 billion in damage to Ukraine’s natural environment  (August 24th, Ukrainska Pravda)

Over 5000 dolphins perish in Black Sea, biologists say  (August 21st, Ukrainska Pravda)


Ethics matter in telling the story of Ukraine  (Ethical Journalism Network, August 25th)

“Don’t exaggerate the influence of Russian propaganda” Ukrainian socialist Taras Bilous serves in the military – and from there he fights the stereotypes of the Western left about Ukraine (and Russia) (Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières, August 22nd)

Survey: democracy and media consumption at a time of war – Opora, 17 August

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