News from Ukraine Bulletin 11 (4 September 2022)

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Ombudsman on Olenivka tragedy: Russia wipes out evidence of war crime  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 2nd)

Occupiers urge schoolchildren in Crimea to join Russian army on 1 September  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 2nd)

Russia plans special propaganda ‘lesson’ explaining to children in occupied Ukraine why the bombing of their cities is ‘liberation’   (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group – September 2nd)

Forcible Transfer of Ukrainians to Russia  (Human Rights Watch -September 1st)

Witness: Forced Transfers and the Perilous Journeys that Brought Ukrainians to Russia  (Human Rights Watch -September 1st)

In occupied part of Kherson Oblast, school year begins with “brainwashing” – Oblast Military Administration  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 1st)

Putin persuades school students that Ukraine never existed and that the Russian army in Ukraine is protecting Russia (Ukrainska Pravda, September 1st)

How many schools are damaged by occupiers: data of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 1st)

Mariupol: Occupiers pour concrete over bodies of those killed in Drama Theatre  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 31st)

Russia using enforced disappearances as method of waging war – human rights defenders  (Zmina, August 30th)

Russia teaches Mariupol children to shoot and to hate Ukraine  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group – August 30th)

Russian occupiers loot homes of people who fled Kherson Oblast, taking furniture and appliances  (August 30th)

“Hunger riot” takes place in Mariupol due to lack of humanitarian aid – adviser to the mayor  (Ukrainska Pravda, August 30th)

Large queue of trucks carrying harvest stolen from Ukraine forms on road from Zaporizhzhia to Crimea (Ukrainska Pravda, August 30th)

Russia effectively admits to using Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant as a military base  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group – August 29th)

News from Ukraine – general:

Russians bombard Kharkiv, causing destruction – Mayor  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 2nd)

“They tied his hands, put a cover over his head and executed him”: another person tortured by Russians is found (Ukrainska Pravda, September 1st)

Reports on war crimes:

Report on Violations of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Committed in Ukraine (1 April – 25 June 2022) – OSCE 

“We Had No Choice”- “Filtration” and the Crime of Forcibly Transferring Ukrainian Civilians to Russia (Human Rights Watch -September 1st)

Analysis and web resources:

The Tribunal for Putin website, supported by a range of Ukrainian human rights organisations, has now gone live (in seven languages)  

Other human rights organisations that publish in English include the Ukrainian Helsinki Union and the Centre for Civil Liberties

Vladyslav Starodubtsev (Sotsialnyi Rukh): ‘Today, people are not just fighting for Ukraine but to destroy the Russian regime’ (Links – September 2nd)

Interview with Ukrainian feminist (Anticapitalist resistance – September 1st)


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