News from Ukraine Bulletin 13 (25 September 2022)

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Silence abets Russia in torturing and risking the lives of Ukrainian hostages and POWs in occupied Donbas  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 23rd)

Eighteen torture chambers discovered in Kharkiv Oblast, over 1,000 Russian war criminals identified  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 23rd)

Police discover torture chamber and mass grave in Kozacha Lopan, Kharkiv Oblast  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 23rd)

436 bodies exhumed in Izium, mostly civilians who died a violent death  (The Insider, Sept 23rd)

First evidence of Russian abductions, torture and forced deportation from Kozacha Lopan (Kharkiv oblast)  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 21st)

Human rights defenders reacted to the sentence for Nariman Dzhelial and the Akhtemov brothers  (Zmina, Sept 21st)

Russia’s Luhansk proxies ‘sentence’ two OSCE employees to 13 years on grotesque treason charges  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 20th)

‘I was born here and I’ll die here’: liberated Ukrainians tell of life under occupation  (The Guardian, September 19th)

During occupation of Kharkiv Region, Russians torture Sri Lankan citizens who study in Ukraine  (, September 19th)

Izium Mass Graves: Tortured victims with bound hands and entire families killed by the Russian invaders  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 19th)

Valentin Vyhivsky: Eight years of torture in Russian captivity for being Ukrainian  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 19th)

Most of the bodies exhumed in Izium were civilian – head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 19th)

Russians tore their fingernails off and kept asking for money: police reveal details of Sri Lankan captives’ ordeal (Ukrainska Pravda, September 18th)

Mass burial site at Izium, imprisoned teenagers and other Russian war crimes in Kharkiv oblast  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 17th)

The occupiers’ torture room found in liberated Kozacha Lopan in the Kharkiv region  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 17th)

Abductions and feared mass grave of Russian invaders’ victims in liberated Vysokopillia (Kherson oblast) (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 16th)

Vovchansk Engineering Works: Dungeons on the Chechen Model  (Tribunal for Putin, Sept 16th)

‘Torment of hell:’ Ukraine medic describes Russians routinely torturing her and other prisoners  (Los Angeles Times, September 15th)

Relatives of people missing since 2014 still do not know what happened to them  (Zmina, Sept 14th)

About the referendums on joining the Russian Federation:

Armed Russian soldiers conduct door-to-door searches in Zaporizhzhia to find voters for sham referendum  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 24th)

Sham referendum: even dead people are “voting” in Luhansk Oblast  (Ukrainska Pravda, Sept 24th)

Russians occupying Kharkiv region demanded personal data in return for food  (The Guardian, September 24th)

Russia needs sham ‘referendums’ on occupied territory to forcibly mobilize Ukrainians as cannon fodder  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 23rd)

Occupiers use voters in sham referendums as human shields against Armed Forces of Ukraine  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 23rd)

OPORA’s Statement on Intensification of the Activities on Conducting the Illegal Referendums in the Occupied Territories  (Opora, Sept  21st)

338 bodies exhumed in Izium  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 21st)

Police and CEC in every home: the collaborator told how referendum will be held in Zaporizhzhia  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 20th)

News from Ukraine – general:

1.4 tons of IUF aid was delivered to Kharkiv region  (Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, September 21st)

KVPU and VPZU delivered 1.4 tons of aid to workers and IDPs in Kremenchuk  (Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, September 12th)

Analysis and comment:

Support Ukrainian Resistance and Disempower Fossil Capital  (New Politics, September 13th)

Analytical reviews of disappearances:

Missing and Detained Individuals in the Kharkiv Region: An analytical review, 24 February to 23 June 2022  (Tribunal for Putin, August 18th)

Disappearances in the Zaporizhzhia Region, 24 February to 18 June 2022  (Tribunal for Putin, August 18th)

Missing persons and enforced disappearances in the Kherson Region, 24 February to 24 June 2022  (Tribunal for Putin, August 17th)

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