News from Ukraine Bulletin 14 (2 October 2022)

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Ukraine war: Tortured for refusing to teach in Russian  (BBC News, October 1st)

Russian occupation means 14-year sentences for being Ukrainian and refusing to ‘confess’ to insane charges  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 30th)

Russian occupiers force doctors and teachers of Mariupol to hand over their Ukrainian passports (Ukrainska Pravda, September 29th)

More than 500 Russian war crimes recorded in liberated Kharkiv Oblast (Ukrainska Pravda, September 28th)

“Grenade under every pillow”: occupiers mine houses and schools in Kharkiv Oblast  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 28th)

Mutilated bodies in Izium mass graves and other atrocities after Russian invaders driven out (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 28th)

Teenager among six killed in shelling of Donetsk market  (Reuters, September 22nd)

About the referendums on joining the Russian Federation:

Dead souls and infants ‘voted’ in Russia’s sham ‘referendums’ on annexing Ukrainian territory  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 30th)

Ukrainians evicted from their homes for refusing to participate in Russia-organised sham referendums  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 29th)

After destroying Mariupol, Russia claims its residents ‘voted’ for annexation and mobilizes them to fight Ukraine  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 28th)

Russia needs sham ‘referendums’ on occupied territory to forcibly mobilize Ukrainians as cannon fodder  (Tribunal for Putin, September 27th)

‘Vote to join Russia’ or armed soldiers will come for you   (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, September 26th)

Sham referendum in Melitopol: people are forced to “vote” instead of their absent relatives and neighbours  (Ukrainska Pravda, September 26th)

Sham referendums: Russian occupiers stage a farce with fake employees near ZNPP (Ukrainska Pravda, September 26th)

News from Ukraine – general:

Civilian car convoy attacked in Kharkiv Oblast: 24 dead, including a pregnant woman and 13 children  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 1st)

Analysis and comment:

The Ukrainian State under Russian Aggression: Resilience and Resistance  (by Serhiy Kudelia in Current History, October 2022)

How Can Labour Help Ukraine Win  – recording of Labour Party fringe meeting by the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign  (September 29th)

Ukraine: bogus ‘anti-imperialism’ serves the Kremlin  (People and Nature, September 28th)

What’s the future of Russia’s Ukraine war?  (Open Democracy, September 26th)

Taras Bilous on motives for Russian intervention  (Twitter, September 23rd)

Positions of the global left over the abyss of imperialist escalation  (Commons journal, September 6th)

Analytical review of civilian casualties:

Firearms attacks during the Russo-Ukrainian war  (Tribunal for Putin, September 26th)


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