News from Ukraine Bulletin 15 (9 October 2022)

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Invaders want to take children and elderly people out of Kherson Oblast  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 8th)

Russia sentences three Ukrainian Jehovah’s Witnesses to six years for ‘threatening state security’ by discussing the Bible  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, October 7th)

Bodies of more tortured victims and Russian torture chambers found in liberated parts of Kharkiv oblast  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, October 7th)

Mass grave found in liberated Lyman  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 7th)

Two more bodies with traces of torture discovered in Kharkiv region  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 6th)

Over 1.6 million Ukrainians deported to Russia – Zelenskyy (Ukrainska Pravda, October 6th)

Russian atrocities at Bucha may be nothing to those that will be found when Kherson is liberated  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, October 5th)

Mass graves of civilians found in liberated Lyman  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 5th)

Two bodies tortured by Russian special forces found in liberated Kharkiv Oblast  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 5th)

Russian torture chamber discovered in district police department in Kharkiv Oblast  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 4th)

Russia refuses to return Ukrainian children taken from Kharkiv oblast  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, October 4th)

Another torture chamber set up by Russians discovered in Kharkiv Oblast  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 3rd)

News from Ukraine – general:

Russia strikes high-rise buildings in Zaporizhzhia with rockets, people trapped under rubble  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 6th)

Open wounds of the Russian-Ukrainian war: Ukrainian victims will share their stories in Milan  (Zmina, October 5th)

13 children killed in Russian attack on civilian convoy in Kharkiv oblast  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, October 3rd)

How Ukraine’s metal industry is powering this city’s fight against Russia (Open Democracy, September 24th)

Donations worth millions fail to reach Ukraine – sparking calls for change  (Open Democracy, September 20th)

Analysis and comment:

Walking a Tightrope on Ukraine: How India Is Balancing Ties to Russia & United States  (Democracy Now, October 6th)

“Leftists” outside Ukraine are used to listening only to people from Moscow: Interview with anarcho-syndicalists in Eastern Ukraine  (Freedom News, October 4th)

“The minimum task is to restore, without losses, all the civil, political, and social rights that we had before the war.” Interview with Serhii Guz  (LeftEast, October 4th)

One Ukrainian Democratic Socialist’s Opinion On The War  (The Real News, September 20th)

It’s Russia and Europe That Have a Problem With Ukraine (Green European Journal, September 7th)

Research of human rights abuses:

Who attacked the Mykolaiv Region Administration building?  (Tribunal for Putin, October 8th)

Establishment of a tribunal on Russian aggression against Ukraine: High level of responsibility as a safeguard against new conflicts in Europe  (Opora, October 5th)

Solidarity actions:

Solidarity With Trade Unions In Ukraine  (LabourNet TV, October 2nd)

Support Ukrainian unions (Solidarity Collectives, 29 September)



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