News from Ukraine Bulletin 17 (23 October 2022)

A Digest of News from Ukrainian Sources – DOWNLOAD HERE as a PDF

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Occupiers are compiling lists of those willing to settle in other people’s homes in Sievierodonetsk  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 23rd)

Russian invaders destroy Memorial to Victims of Holodomor in Mariupol  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, October 21st)

Russia illegally transfers hostages in the Kherson region: human rights defenders demand a reaction from the world  (Zmina, October 21st)

22 torture chambers found in liberated Kharkiv Oblast; people were brought to Russia for torture  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 20th)

Lyman exhumation complete: the bodies of 111 civilians and 35 military personnel were found  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 20th)

Ukraine: Russian Forces Tortured Izium Detainees  (Human Rights Watch, October 19th)

UN Report: Russia used civilians as human shields and carried out summary executions including of a 14-year-old  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, October 19th)

Putin declares martial law in annexed areas as Ukraine pushes offensive  (The Guardian, October 19th)

Russia’s new Ukraine commander signals civilian removals from ‘tense’ Kherson  (The Guardian, October 18th)

‘Mogilisation’. Anti-war activities in Russia, 26 September to 1 October  (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, October 17th)

‘Many went missing during the occupation,’ says an inhabitant of the Kyiv Region  (Tribunal for Putin, October 16th)

How russia Tried to Legitimize Pseudo-referendums Through Telegram  (Opora, October 13th)

News from Ukraine – general:

About 50,000 dolphins have died in Black Sea because of Russian ships  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 23rd)

The occupiers have begun discharging water from the Kakhovka Reservoir  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 22nd)

Russian missile strikes leave estimated 1.5 million Ukrainians without electricity  (Ukrainska Pravda, October 22nd)

Ukrainian miners win their wartime strike, but victory looks short-lived (OpenDemocracy, October 21st)

War Speeches. Russia intimidates Ukraine but gets the backlash  (Opora, October 18th)

Ukraine says 30% of its power plants destroyed in last eight days  (The Guardian, October 18th)

STATEMENT by Ukraine 5AM Coalition about the Russian Federation’s mass shelling of Ukrainian civil infrastructure  (The 5.0am Coalition, October 10th)

KVPU provide workers and IDPs with warm clothes for cold seasons  (Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, October 10th)

Analysis and comment:

Chartbook #163: Warfare without the state – New Keynesian shock therapy for Ukraine’s home front   (Adam Tooze, Chartbook, October 22nd)

The limits of western economic war with Russia and the failure of climate policy  (People & Nature, October 17th)

Research of human rights abuses:

Human rights situation in Crimea and 200 days of full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine  (Crimean Human Rights Group October 18th)


Tuesday 25 October – On-line event. Ecosocialism 22: Ukraine, imperialism and the left.

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