News from Ukraine Bulletin 24 (11 December 2022)

A Digest of News from Ukrainian Sources – DOWNLOAD HERE AS A PDF

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Forced deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia is a clear act of genocide –  Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 9 December

Children in occupied Melitopol forced to write ‘letters of gratitude’ to Russian invaders – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 9 December

Occupiers reorganise units in Luhansk Oblast and do not pay compensation for those killed – General Staff report. – Ukrainska Pravda, 8 December

Russia is going to conscript 17-year-olds in occupied territories – Ukrainska Pravda, 8 December

Twenty armed convicts desert from Russian Army in Donetsk Oblast (Ukrainska Pravda, 8 December)

Russia violates its own laws in murderous reprisals against Crimean Tatar human rights movement (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 7 December)

Russia promised Kherson it would stay forever. It left chaos behind (Open Democracy, 5 December)

Russia sentences Crimean Solidarity activist to 17 years for defending political prisoners – Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 1 December 

News from Ukraine – general:

Russian attacks on energy grid threaten civilians (Human Rights Watch, 6 December)

ECHR slams Ukraine over detention which triggered anti-Roma riots in Odesa oblast (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group , 6 December)

A conversation with Sashko Protyah, a director and activist from Mariupol, about his new film (Spil’ne (Commons), 1 December)

Grassroots feminist activism in Ukraine since the invasion (, 1 December)

Analysis and comment:

“We want genuine peace negotiations” – Green Left (Australia), 8 December

For a new internationalism – Fightback (New Zealand), 8 December

About Russian neo-imperialism – Against the Current, December 2022

Gogol Bordello: coming to terms with an era of the end of eras – Rock & Roll Globe, 18 September

Research of human rights abuses:

UN report details summary executions of civilians by Russian troops in northern Ukraine – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, 7 December

Responsibility for attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure – Tribunal for Putin, 5 December

International solidarity actions:

“A just and lasting peace for Ukraine!” – statement by French trade unions and public figures, 9 December. Note: we are hoping that similar appeals could be launched in the UK and other countries. Please let us know if you wish to support such an initiative.

Appeal for volunteers in Bakhmut – Solidarity Collectives, 8 December

Powering Ukrainian feminists – European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine, 7 December


This bulletin is put together by labour movement activists in solidarity with Ukrainian resistance. More information at We are also on twitter. Our aim is to circulate information in English that to the best of our knowledge is reliable. If you have something you think we should include, please send it to To receive the bulletin regularly, send your email to

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