News from Ukraine Bulletin 29 (15 January 2023)

A Digest of News from Ukrainian Sources – DOWNLOAD HERE AS A PDF

News from the territories occupied by Russia:
The Face of Russian terror against Crimean Tatars (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 13th)
Russia abducts and tortures Kherson official and his family for serving Ukraine (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 13th)
Kherson Mayor, Igor Kolikhayev, has been held captive for almost half a year (Centre for Civil Liberties, January 13th)
Starvation, unsanitary conditions and psychological pressure: border guard talking about Russian captivity (Ukrainska Pravda, January 13th)
Two effective death sentences in Russia’s most savage attack on Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 12th)
Ukraine 5AM Coalition released a report on the forced conscription in the occupied territories (Zmina, January 12th)
Mariupol children forced to entertain and ‘thank’ the Russian soldiers who shattered their childhood (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 11th)
Ukrainian researcher savagely tortured for ‘confession to treason’ against Russian proxy ‘Donetsk republic’ (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 11th)
Russians threaten to take property for refusing to switch to roubles in temporarily occupied territories (Ukrainska Pravda, January 10th)
Russians killed and raped civilians as they fled from Lyman, admits soldier in intercepted call (Ukrainska Pravda, January 9th)

News from Ukraine – general:
Ukrainian activist explains why he ‘stole’ Banksy near Kyiv (Open Democracy, 13 January)
International Federation of Journalists calls on government to revise new media law (IFJ, 12 January)
We call on international partners not to participate in the fake reform of the Constitutional Court (Zmina, January 10th)
Witness: Edge of glacial lakes and primeval beech forests (Free Svydovets)

Analysis and comment:
(Un-)Russian Revolutions? (Discomfort Zone, January 11th)
Mikhail Lobanov: Why Police Raided My Home (The Russian Reader, January 9th)
[Book Review] Ukraine: Voices of Resistance and Solidarity (Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, January 4th)

Research of human rights abuses:
UN disbands Russian-blocked ‘fact-finding mission’ into mass killing of Ukrainian POWs at Olenivka prison (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 10th)
Ukraine Events of 2022 (Human Rights Watch, January 2023)

International solidarity:
Russia’s new year is far from happy. But helping refugees gives me purpose (Open Democracy, January 10th)
Ukraine: I am writing to you on behalf of the trolleybus drivers of Kharkiv (International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles, January 9th)
Russia: Return drafted refuseniks from illegal prisons! (Feminist Anti-War Resistance, January 9th)
Labour Must Help Ukraine Win The War (Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, January 7th)
Ukraine Solidarity Campaign news and analysis (USC, January)


This bulletin is put together by labour movement activists in solidarity with Ukrainian resistance. More information at We are also on twitter. Our aim is to circulate information in English that to the best of our knowledge is reliable. If you have something you think we should include, please send it to

The bulletin is also stored on line here. To receive the bulletin regularly, send your email to

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