News from Ukraine Bulletin 30 (23 January 2023)

A Digest of News from Ukrainian Sources – DOWNLOAD AS A PDF HERE

News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Volunteer and patriot abducted in Kherson: the story of Iryna Horobtsova (Centre for Civil Liberties, January 20th)
Crimean lecturer faces 5-year sentence for writing about Russia’s killing of innocent civilians in Ukraine (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 20th)
69-year-old Kharkiv region blogger tortured with electric shocks for answering his Russian captors in Ukrainian (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 20th)
Occupiers have deported over 2 million Ukrainians, forcing Russian passports on them (Ukrainska Pravda, January 20th)
How to stop torture, cruel and humiliating treatment on the occupied territories (Centre for Civil Liberties, January 19th)
Russian invaders have destroyed almost 80% of largest national park in Donetsk Oblast (Ukrainska Pravda, January 19th)
Russian invaders torture and ‘deport’ Ukrainians for ‘extremist’ support for Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia oblast (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 19th)
‘I knew people who died in the basements of Borodianka…’ (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 19th)
Russia persecutes Crimean Tatars, destroys their heritage because they expose the lies about its annexation of Crimea (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 18th)
FSB bans the last Ukrainian charity providing humanitarian aid in Russian-occupied Melitopol (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 17th)
Russia abducts and imprisons Crimean Tatar, then tries to mobilize him for its war against Ukraine (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 17th)
Around 400 forcibly deported Ukrainian children handed over to Russian families (Ukrainska Pravda, January 16th)

News from Ukraine – general:

War stories will be heard in nine languages — Memorial’s project (Tribunal for Putin, January 20th)
Life in Dnipro after the city’s ‘peace’ shattered by Russian rockets (Open Democracy, January 18th)
More than 200 apartments destroyed as result of strike on Dnipro (Ukrainska Pravda, January 17th)
A message from Dnipro: track down the war criminals (People and Nature, January 17th)
Ukraine orders deportation of ethnic Ukrainian facing persecution in Russia for opposing Putin and the war (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 16th)
Russia has killed 455 Ukrainian children, at least 2 were killed in terrorist attack in Dnipro (Ukrainska Pravda, January 16th)
Missile attack on Dnipro: death toll rises to 21 people, 35 people are still missing (Ukrainska Pravda, January 15th)
Western states to provide Ukraine with advanced weaponry and military vehicles (Forum for Ukrainian Studies, January 12th)
‘Everything Is Destroyed’: Life In A Frontline Village In Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya Region (RFERL, January 4th)

Analysis and comment:

Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine? (Countervortex, January 2023)
5 must-watch Ukrainian films that pre-date Russia’s 2022 invasion (Open Democracy, January 18th)
Theatre as resilience in Ukraine? (Labour Hub, January 17th)
Urban cultural heritage endangered by the Russo-Ukrainian war (Forum for Ukrainian Studies, January 12th)

Research of human rights abuses:

From 2.8 to 4.7 million Ukrainians, including 260,000-700,000 children, could be victims of deportation – human rights defenders (Zmina, January 16th)
Does the state help Ukrainians who became Kremlin’s prisoners: opinions of human rights defenders (Zmina, January 13th)
Deportation of Ukrainian citizens from the territory of active military operations or from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine to the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus (Zmina, January)

International solidarity:

A woman arrested in Moscow for laying flowers to remember victims (Twitter, January 21st)
Together We Stand: Enforced Single Motherhood and Ukrainian Refugees’ Care Networks (Commons, January 18th)
Who will Stay and Who Will Return? Divergent Trajectories of Ukrainian War Refugees in the EU (Commons, January 16th)
From ‘Bothsidesism’ to Solidarity with Ukraine: The Japanese Left Responds to the Russo-Ukrainian War (Commons, January 10th)

These three items concern anti-war actions in Russia:
You’re Not Invited to Our Molotov Cocktail Party (The Russian Reader, January 19th)
Russia: the time for protest has gone, it’s time for resistance (People and Nature, January 17th)
What Mobilization Has Done to the Sverdlovsk Region (The Russian Reader, January 16th)


This bulletin is put together by labour movement activists in solidarity with Ukrainian resistance. More information at We are also on twitter. Our aim is to circulate information in English that to the best of our knowledge is reliable. If you have something you think we should include, please send it to

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