News from Ukraine Bulletin 32 (5 February 2023)

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News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Russia intends to deport children from occupied Luhansk Oblast to Karelia, Russia (Ukrainska Pravda, February 5th)

Russians abduct, torture and imprison young Crimean Tatar from Kherson oblast, then come for his father (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, February 3rd)

It’s back to the USSR as Russia tries to destroy Ukrainian identity on occupied territory (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, February 3rd)

European Court of Human Rights registered ZMINA’s complaint against Russia regarding blocking of the website in Crimea (Zmina, February 3rd)

Russia challenged over Crimean Tatar civic journalist’s death sentence (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, February 2nd)

‘The Truth over the Dnieper’ (London Review of Books, February 1st)

Russia deports Ukrainian children to orphanage in occupied Crimea condemned as a ‘concentration camp’ (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 31st)

At least 1000 people abducted in Melitopol since Russian occupation began (Ukrainska Pravda, January 30th)

Over 400 victims of Russian aggression remain unidentified in liberated Kharkiv oblast (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 30th)

Russia demands 18-year sentence for blind and disabled Ukrainian political prisoner on grotesque ‘terrorism’ charges (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 30th)

News from Ukraine – general:

One night in Bakhmut: Civilians wait for the end as Russia draws closer (Kyiv Independent, February 4th)

Seeing Soldiers Work: Ukrainian Cinema and the Future of Labor (Left East, February 2nd)

“Five people were killed there, including a pregnant woman” (Zmina, February 2nd)

Party of Captured Regions. How the war became a game-changer for key oligarchs and gangsters in Eastern Ukraine (The Insider, February 1st)

Be careful what you wish for (Meduza, February 1st) (Alice Zhuravel, January 31st)

“In Sloviansk, we watched out of the window as people held up the train tracks with crowbars so we could pass through” (Zmina, January 31st)

Mission to War-Torn Mariinka (Focus Ukraine, January 27th)

Analysis and comment:

Russian foreign minister Lavrov claims West “sabotaged” Minsk agreements to prepare for war against Russia – here’s why he’s wrong (The Insider, February 2nd)

The Frailty Of Russian Democracy (Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, January 31st)

UK government promises ‘confidentiality’ for Putin allies fighting sanctions (Open Democracy, January 30th)

Ukraine’s Whac-A-Mole Culture (Focus Ukraine, January 27th)

What Are The Lessons Of Vietnam For Ukraine Today? (Foreign Policy in Focus, January 23rd)

Research of human rights abuses:

Ukraine: Banned Landmines Harm Civilians (Human Rights Watch, January 31st)

Statement concerning the Human Rights Watch report on landmines use in Ukraine (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, January 31st)

International solidarity:

20-26 February global week of action (European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine, February)

Russia: ‘I sacrificed myself to the regime, but I am not a terrorist’ (People & Nature, 31 January)

Tanks and Military Aid for Ukraine (UK parliamentary Early Day Motion, January 30th)

Yellow Peril Tactical Interview (161 Crew, 30 January)

Support trade union aid to Ukrainian workers! (Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, January 30th)

Notice of a meeting in the UK

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign Public Meeting: Tuesday 21st of February from 6:30 pm 

Speakers include: Pavlo Holota NGPU- Independent Union of Mineworkers of Ukraine// Yuliya Yurchenko Sotsialny Rukh -Social Movement of Ukraine// Oksana Holota, KVPU- Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine// Maria Exall – President of Trade Union Congress// Gary Smith General Secretary of GMB// Chris Kitchen General Secretary, National Union of Mineworkers// Simon  Weller Assistant General Secretary, ASLEF the train drivers union// Martin Cavanagh Deputy President, Public and Commercial Services Union// Nadia Whittome MP

Boothroyd Room Portcullis House, Victoria Embankment, London SW1A 2LW,  Nearest Tube Station: Westminster.


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