News from Ukraine Bulletin 35 (27 February)


News from the territories occupied by Russia:
Russia must withdraw troops from all Occupied Territories – Crimea Platform / Russians brought children whose mother was killed in Mariupol to pro-war rally in Moscow / Invaders seize and imprison former Ukrainian soldier, then kidnap his three children to Russia ‘for adoption’ / Russia terminates ‘trial’ of refugee it killed in occupied Crimea two years ago / Russia announces ‘trial’ of Ukrainian prisoner of war on extremely dubious charges / Occupiers force people in Mariupol to build fortifications in exchange for food parcels – General Staff / Relentless torment of Ukrainian serving 11-year sentence for opposing Russia’s occupation of Crimea / Freed POW confirms likely huge number of Ukrainian civilians held hostage in Russia / Russia will force parents to attend war propaganda classes about its ‘liberation of Ukraine’ / Kangaroo court in Russian-occupied Crimea sentences abducted and tortured Ukrainian naval captain to 8.5 years

News from Ukraine:
Excerpts from Serhii Myronov’s diary / ‘We work whatever the cost’: Ukrainian trade unionists tell of life on frontline / Statement of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine. One year into the Russian full-scale invasion / Russia has not stopped killing and wounding Ukraine’s civilians (Tribunal for Putin, February 23rd) / Prospects for improvement of electoral legislation on campaigning restrictions / The 24th: As the anniversary of Russian invasion approaches, Ukrainians look back on a year that changed everything (Sunday Post, 19 February)

Analysis and comment:
A reality check on divestment from Russia / Russia-Ukraine: one year of war – the economics / Hunting for Vakulenko / Disinfolklore / Russia’s War in Ukraine: State Patriotism or Economic Gain? /
Civilisational racism, ethnonationalism and the clash of imperialisms in Ukraine / Attacking museums as an attempt to destroy Ukrainian identity / Putin’s Gas Suicide in Europe

Research of human rights abuses:
There Is no Statute of Limitations for Justice / ZMINA collects information in Baltic states about Ukrainians deported to Russia’s territory / New Light on Russia’s Rail Station Attack

International solidarity:
‘Now Ukraine needs allies, not talk of neutrality’ / A group of anarchists defending Bakhmut against the ruscist attack need a binocular night vision device


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