News from Ukraine Bulletin no. 36 (6 March)


News from the territories occupied by Russia:
Russians restrict movement of residents without Russian passports in Luhansk Oblast / ‘Court’ in Russian-occupied Crimea passes long sentences against three Ukrainian Jehovah’s Witnesses / Russia sends convicted prisoner mercenaries to fight in Ukraine and imposes up to 15-year sentences for ‘discrediting’ them / Children forced to write letters to Russian invaders in occupied Tokmak / Russia seeks 12-year sentence against Crimean Tatar claiming ‘terrorism’ in a religious discussion 7 years ago / Children left alone when Russians captured their mother: story of family reunion from Rubizhne / Russian invaders abduct and torture Kung-Fu master and four other Ukrainians for fantasy ‘international terrorism trial’ / Courtroom, graveyard, political arena. Where the initial invaders of Crimea ended up

News from Ukraine – general:
These are the men Russia wanted to put in charge of Ukraine / 171 cases of sexual violence by Russian military recorded – Zelenska / Izium mass graves and torture as ‘a microcosm of Russian atrocities’ in occupied Ukraine / EU concerned by Ukraine’s controversial labour reforms / ‘My son was injured when a Russian bomb exploded,’ Borodianka resident says / Russian War Crimes Have Hardened Ukrainians Against Peace Talks, Activist Says / More than 5,000 houses destroyed in Kharkiv / Russia used prohibited cluster munitions for horrific attack on Kramatorsk Railway Station / Right to resist: How war changed Ukraine’s feminist movement

Analysis and comment:
Victory over Russia is a priority, but we cannot be silent about workers / Falsehoods instead of Ukrainian reality: an emotional plague / Is Russia irredeemable? A chain of wars, a chain of crimes, a chain of impunity / Campism and the War in Ukraine / Ukraine: some answers to FAQs / A Ukrainian Socialist Lays Out the Aims and Struggles of Her Country’s Left / “Russia Is Giving Carte Blanche to the Far Right” / Ukraine, 1 year on: China’s peace plan is not a plan / Myths and Facts about the War in Ukraine / How descendants of White Russian emigres became the Kremlin’s key agents of influence in France

Research of human rights abuses:
Damage and destruction by mines and other explosive devices /
Attacks on medical institutions in the Kharkiv Region / At the plant in Vovchansk, the Russians “tortured even the priest with an electric shock” / Deportation as a crime: how human rights defenders collect evidence and help Ukrainians to leave Russia / Second Interim Report on reported violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in Ukraine

International solidarity:
Support Ukrainian workers at the front! / Helping deported Ukrainians leave Russia / Family of Transnistrian man jailed for protesting Russia’s war speak out / Aid in solidarity arrives at the front / A Russian lawyer stood up for Ukrainians. She was labelled a ‘foreign agent’ / Happy birthday, Kirill Butylin
‘Ukraine is fighting occupiers and tormenters’ / Elected Left for Ukraine


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