News from Ukraine Bulletin 37 (13 March 2023)


News from the territories occupied by Russia:

Russia demands 18-year sentence for Crimean Solidarity human rights activism in occupied Crimea  / Body of 63-year-old tortured man found in Kherson Oblast  / Donbas terrorists jail human rights activist Butkevych for 13 years  / Russian FSB ‘investigator’ involved in Crimean political persecution foiled by CCTV footage  / UN Committee orders Russia to refrain from killing second Crimean Tatar political prisoner in one month  / Kharkiv ‘refugee’ held prisoner in psychiatric hospital for refusing Russian citizenship  / 365 children considered missing in Ukraine  / In occupied Mariupol, bus drivers strike due to non-payment of wages   

News from Ukraine – general:

Ukraine 5 AM Coalition condemns ‘sentences’ to three Ukrainian prisoners of war  / ECHR finds Ukraine in violation over life prisoner tortured into confessing to somebody else’s crime  / Trade union aid to front-line mining cities Selidove and Novovogrodivka   / How Russia’s War Against Ukraine Is Advancing LGBTQ Rights  / Experiences that should have never happened again: how Ukrainians survive the war    

Analysis and comment:

Ukraine: a year of war and resistance  / A year of full-scale war: the Kharkiv Region  / How Putin’s war dawned on Washington  / ‘Sent there to be meat’ Why Russian draftees are suddenly publishing so many video pleas to Putin  / ‘We’ll liberate city after city’ In their own words, Chechen soldiers fighting for Ukraine explain what drives them   

Research of human rights abuses: Twitter Spaces: How Russia deports orphanages and prisons from the occupied territories of Ukraine  / Enforced disappearances in Ukraine since 24 February 2022  / “Filtration” of Ukrainian citizens by the occupying forces


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